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Akselerasyon, name of my blog, is Turkish word. However, it may sound similar to those who speak English. The word "akselerasyon" was actually borrowed from English language. To go back to our roots, from this day onwards, I'll be blogging in English as well. Posts in Turkish will be kept coming, but in the meantime, I'll try my best to share at least one post in English each week. I'll share link of each in this section, so you it may be used a directory to English posts.

My very first post in English was about Volvo's recent "The Get Away" campaign. Please click link below to read the full passage.

The second post in English is written to explain the idea behind photoshooting Toyota C-HR in a crossfit box.

Toyota C-HR. A Car That Doesn't Follow The Crowd. 

Third post in EN will be about an amazing day I've spent in Porsche Driving Academy at Istanbul Park.

Check back this page later to see new posts in English.

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