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Segment Mix by Body Types in Turkish PC Market (2006 & 2016)

The two pie charts illustrate percentages of different body types of passenger cars sold in Turkey in the years 2006 and 2016.

Overall, Sports, CDV and SUV body types showed an upward trend, while hatchback, MPV, Sedan body types experienced a downward trend over the 10-year period. Share of stationwagon body type remained constant.

SUV body type accounted for 5% of Turkish PC market in 2006, then experienced a more than threefold increase to 16% in 2016. Sports body type made up only 0.5% of Turkish PC market in 2006. However, it doubled its share to 1% in 2016. Share of SUV was 11% in 2012, and showed a significant increase to 16% in 2016. Similarly, share of CDV was 1% in 2006 and it's share doubled to 2% in 2016. 

Hatchback body, which made up almost 40% of Turkish PC market in 2006, fell drastically to 31% in 2016. Sedan' share was 49% in 2006 and experienced a slight decrease to 48% in 2016. Share of MPV was 5% in 2000 and fell dramatically to 1% in 2016. In contrast, station wagon's share remained constant in both years at 1%.

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