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Market Share of BMW and Mercedes-Benz in Turkish Passenger Car Market in 2017 Jan-Jun

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This bar chart provides information about the market shares of Mercedes-Benz and BMW in Turkish passenger car market in the first 6 months of 2017.

Overall, Mercedes-Benz's market share experienced an upward trend while BMW's market share remained almost steady. Both brands' market shares had some fluctuations. Although Mercedes-Benz has initially lower market share, it outraced BMW at the end of the period.

Mercedes-Benz's market share was just below 2% in January, being lower than BMW's market share by approximately 0.5%. Mercedes-Benz's market share surpassed 3.0% and 4.0% levels in February and March respectively. However, three-point-star's market share showed a gradual decrease to about 3.5% in April and about 3.3% in May. In June, it's market share slightly increased to 3.5%.

Market share of BMW was about 2.3% in January and increased to about 2.6% in February. Then, BMW's market share experienced a steady decrease in the next two months. It decreased to approsimately 2.4% in March and a low-point of about 1.5% in April. However, BMW's market share almost doubled and increased to 2.7% in May. In June, the brand's market share decreased to 2.1%.

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