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Hats off to Volvo. The Car Company That Inspires Me Most.

2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country. The Get Away Car.
Volvo Cars has been doing a great job since they've decided to be reborn back in 2015. They've been rebuilding the brand not only as a car company but more of an inspirational thing. Why do I think way? Well, take a glimpse of their campaigns aired after 2015!

Among their new-generation campaigns, the last one was a true winner. It's as inspirational as a motivational speech you may encounter in a good TED talk.
In this 3 min ad of all-new V90 Cross Country, you don't hear the model's name a single time. Instead, you hear a shocking passage from Alan Watts' "Live Fully" speech first recorded in 1959. It makes you re-examine your goals in your life while urging you to live at the present and to go for your hidden hobbies. If you're above 40, you are most likely be really shocked after watching the video. (Of course, I'm not assuming you are nature lover and live in your tree house in the middle of a forest) I'm 23, and even I were shocked in every single second of the video.

In the video, you are not heard of a single word about V90 Cross Country. However, you may now think it's a perfect companion to live fully now, don't you? I call it "the real marketing". Heads off to Volvo. The only car company that inspires me.

Who is Alan Watts?

Alan Watts (1915–1973) was a British philosopher, best known as an interpreter and populariser of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. By the late sixties, he had become a counterculture celebrity, who travelled widely to speak across the US and Europe. He wrote 25 books and his audio library comprises more than 400 talks. Today, he has a huge following with podcast and YouTube components approaching ten million downloads. His ideas are particularly popular in the global outdoor community.  His legacy is managed by his son, Mark Watts.

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